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Download GoldWhatsApp, especially the updated version which contains the most advanced features compared to the original version, which is one of the basic and most used applications on smartphones. You will find our website containing many applications modified to suit the WhatsApp application.

GoldWhatsApp with a direct link Download GoldWhatsApp for Android Because many users have moved to the GoldWhatsApp version, and thanks to the many features that the application offers, today we will talk about the GoldWhatsApp program, which is the modified version of the original application.

Moreover, GoldWhatsApp uses encryption during discussions, which makes all messages more private and secure.

What is Gold WhatsApp?

Amazing app. Added and fixed great features. So, users started looking for WhatsApp, also known as GoldWhatsApp, which is a new upgrade. GoldWhatsApp focuses on performance, features and aesthetics; All other functions are similar to those in the WhatsApp version, and are more or less similar.

Information about Gold WhatsApp for Android:

This is some information about downloading Gold WhatsApp Latest version.

Application nameGold WhatsApp
Version numberV9.74
the size73 MB
Android version+android 4
ReleaseLast updated
Latest update1 day ago

🥰Features of downloading GoldWhatsApp apk

In addition, the GoldWhatsApp version includes the following detailed features:

GoldWhatsApp Themes Store:
The developer has introduced additional themes for GoldWhatsApp versions, now you have hundreds of themes that allow you to customize the amazing UI of GoldWhatsApp for Android.

So, you can choose your own unique and beautiful app look. If we follow the exact numbers of GoldWhatsApp themes you have a choice from more than 3000 different designs.

Privacy feature:
With GoldWhatsApp, you get access to a wide range of privacy options in the latest version of the Android app, including the ability to hide your online status, read messages, blue ticks, and record voice messages. In addition, it allows you to enjoy greater privacy than was possible with the original design of the app.

Protection in the version of GoldWhatsApp:
GoldWhatsApp includes a feature in its settings called App Lock and Chats Lock. This feature gives you the option to lock the app with a passcode, preventing any intruders from accessing all your conversations.

Prevent deletion of statuses and messages:
You can activate this feature through GoldWhatsApp APK settings. You can stop deleting messages sent to you, and it works the same way for statuses and stories. As a result, you will be able to see which messages have been deleted from the contacts you sent.

Photos and videos:
You can send and receive many photos and videos after installing the latest version of GoldWhatsApp. You can send or receive an image up to 50MB and a video up to 700MB, which makes the quality of these media or files very good.

Hide media in GoldWhatsApp:
GoldWhatsApp offers you a great feature, which is the ability to not save incoming photos and videos in your phone's storage or gallery.

Gold WhatsApp update:
In order to update to the latest version of GoldWhatsApp which provides a noticeable increase in the speed of the application and fixes any potential errors in the Android system.

GoldWhatsApp is compatible with the original WhatsApp Plus application. Provides additional themes and customization options for the user interface. It also enhances privacy features, such as hiding online status and read receipts.

It includes an app lock and chat lock feature for added security.

The app allows you to prevent messages and statuses sent to you from being deleted, giving you more control over your conversations.

It supports sharing high-quality photos and videos of even large file sizes.

Additionally, the app provides the option to not save incoming media to your device storage or photo gallery.

To update to the latest version of GoldWhatsApp, you can expect speed improvements and bug fixes for better performance on Android devices.

In short, GoldWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers various features such as themes, privacy settings, media sharing, and enhanced security. It is a popular choice for those looking for a personalized and enhanced messaging experience.

The most prominent features of the GoldWhatsApp update

You can use GoldWhatsApp to disable internet access for just one app without the rest using the DND feature.
You can also send more than 40 images at once.
You can also transfer files with a maximum file size of 700MB.
The software also features a backup feature that automatically backs up your data.
You can also turn the settings on or off according to your preference.
You can also transfer full resolution and high-quality images.
The app has two customizable features: a password you can set for it and security.
Compared to the original software, the settings UI has been changed.
You can also turn off message forwarding and not show messages as forwarded.
Deciding who can contact you is entirely up to you.
You can also change the font style.
The GoldWhatsApp version allows you to change the appearance of the home screen.

    😉Download the latest version of GoldWhatsApp APK

    Here is how to download GoldWhatsApp for Android with a direct link
    Click on the download link and wait for the download to complete.
    Now open the setup that allows you to install from external sources.
    Next, install GoldWhatsApp APK and wait for the installation process to complete.
    Now go to the app to enjoy the updated features of GoldWhatsApp.

      🙂Install the Gold WhatsApp update on your computer

      Here are the steps to download and install GoldWhatsApp:

      1. You will need a laptop, tablet or computer.
      2. Make sure you have good Internet access.
      3. You will need an Android device.
      4. Configure the application settings.
      5. You will need a USB cable.
      6. Follow the instructions below to install GoldWhatsApp APK.

      - Open your laptop, tablet or computer.
      - Enable internet connection.
      - Open the browser, preferably Google Chrome.
      - Find the official website of the GoldWhatsApp application.
      - You will be directed to a page where you can download GoldWhatsApp.
      - Go to your Downloads folder and click on the application, the installation process may take some time.
      - Now you can enjoy the new application.

      😊Frequently asked questions about GoldWhatsApp:

      Is it possible to download WhatsApp Aero for iPhone?

      Unfortunately, GoldWhatsApp is not available for download on iPhones as it is only available on the Android platform.

      Is the latest version of GoldWhatsApp free?

      Of course, you can download GoldWhatsApp APK for Android for free without spending any money.

      In addition to the new features offered by GoldWhatsApp, the latest version of the GoldWhatsApp app offers all the features present in the original app. One notable change is that GoldWhatsApp can be customized, while the style and design of the official app cannot be changed. In addition to the fast performance and amazing speeds, the application developers did not overlook any security vulnerabilities in the way their interfaces were presented, internally and externally, with the most wonderful, vibrant, and safest colors for the user.

      🤗Final words:

      The Gold WhatsApp version is considered the version that most provides what users require from the WhatsApp program. This version gives you the option to edit almost anything and keep your conversations private. Moreover, the developers are working hard to make this app a good experience for the users.