Gold WhatsApp

Gold WhatsApp
App Name Gold WhatsApp
App Version V29
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category WhatsApp Abu Arab
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

Gold WhatsApp🥰 is one of the most famous and best social networking applications. It is also; Gold WhatsApp provides many services to users, and this is what made it very popular in the world. This WhatsApp Dahabi application was established in 2009 and in 2014 Facebook bought and acquired it in a deal worth $19.4 billion.

Gold WhatsApp apk😍, in its latest update, has been developed to work with the largest programs designed in the field of Android. like that; Download Gold WhatsApp App we offer you today through our website. Download WhatsApp Gold APK Now..!

Gold WhatsApp Apk free for Android

Gold WhatsApp. It has become one of the best applications that have made new updates, so the developer has updated the latest applications. for this reason; Download Gold WhatsApp, a new version, according to the latest update from the application developers who work day and night to make this project a success. so what; There are many updates related to the application

Download Gold WhatsApp apk, you can download it from the site to access many applications that have facilitated many services for us, it has become easier for us to work through social media.

for this reason; Download Gold WhatsApp🤩 Anti Ban, save time to promote our products, online, communicate with customers and give details about products.

For voice and video calls or text messages. Due to its use, your privacy may be violated by spying on users, but the developer wanted to update this feature to ensure the freedom and security of the user.

Download Gold WhatsApp🤗 is one of the most popular WhatsApp Dahabi latest version apps out there, as it is; It comes in golden color, and many people around the world can use it a lot, so you have to download it from the direct link below the article.

Introducing Gold WhatsApp APK for free

Download the Gold WhatsApp🥰 application. It is considered one of the most famous modified applications, as it has made significant modifications to the official WhatsApp. so what; It is made by one of the best applications, due to the old form, in terms of excellence and consistency in appearance, we can find this version 100% safe. for this reason; Download Gold WhatsApp as the developer has secured the copy from any changes that anyone could exploit to seek to harm Gold WhatsApp users, and from there I started to trust this program and started working in more than one number. . You can also WhatsApp Dahabi download photos and videos of friends so that you can talk to them freely with whomever you want.

Features of the Gold WhatsApp update, the latest version

Download Gold WhatsApp🤔 contains many great features that attract many people in the Arab world, especially with frequent use instead of the green WhatsApp and others. so what; We will follow all the steps that characterize this application, the most important of which are:

🔆 The most important advantages of Gold WhatsApp is that it is free for Android

🔆 This app features, it reactivates airplane mode in WhatsApp.

🔆Add the option to delete messages from both parties.

🔆Gold WhatsApp removes abusive subscriptions through the app's algorithms.

🔆Gold WhatsApp is a safe app.

🔆Gold WhatsApp gives you full control over blocking random contacts.

🔆WhatsApp Dahabi helps you add friends you want to talk to and create a group for them.

🔆One of the features of Gold WhatsApp for Android is to hide chat status.

🔆It also lets you know that messages have been deleted by someone who deleted them.

🔆WhatsApp Gold version does not contain ads.

🔆Gold WhatsApp is free and easy to use.

🔆This app is small in size and supports many devices.

🔆 Gold WhatsApp version has been working for 5 months from the date it was published.

🔆Add fonts in the app itself without having to download it.

🔆Translation from English to Arabic in Gold WhatsApp.

🔆Fixed the reply icon that appears in the top bar in conversations.

🔆 Gold WhatsApp has the ability to increase the number of group message members to more than 1024.

🔆 Helps copy and share the Quran and morning and evening reminders with friends.
🔆Gold WhatsApp also includes the addition of transparent icons, it has also added the feature of sending games or any program.

🔆Increase the status size to more than 10 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

Frequently asked questions about downloading Gold WhatsApp with a direct link

Is Gold WhatsApp safe for phones? Yes, it is 100% safe. so what; It may require efforts by developers prior to download to ensure user safety prior to publication.

Why use Gold WhatsApp specifically?

🔅Because it is easy to download WhatsApp Dahabi and update.

🔅 Security, which is the unique feature of the app.

🔅 Also, download WhatsApp Gold Apk for its continuous development and adding a new feature in each update.

Technical information about Gold WhatsApp

Program name: Gold WhatsApp
Developer: Professional
Operating system: Android.
Last updated: 05/06/2024.
License: Free.
Size: 56 MB.
Version: v29.0
Category: social

    How to download Gold WhatsApp for free with a direct link for Android

    Download the Gold WhatsApp😎 application. You have to press the download button to get the latest version of Gold WhatsApp from the button given below the article.

    🔆Install Gold WhatsApp. Then you have to install the program by clicking on the Install button.
    🔆If you are a new user of the new Gold WhatsApp.
    🔆You have to click on agree and then you have to enter the phone number.
    🔆So you should now be enjoying a pleasant experience with Gold WhatsApp, the latest version.

    How to download Gold WhatsApp for free for Android

    When you download Gold WhatsApp🤩, you need to go to the bottom and read it download WhatsApp gold apk? At the end of the WhatsApp Dahabi download, you must follow some of the following steps:

    🔆Download Gold WhatsApp on your phone. You should consider installing it after completing the download.
    🔆Then you have to turn on the internet and access the version you have installed.
    🔆After entering the program, you will be asked to write your country number and code, then write and click.
    🔆 Then an interface will appear asking you to enter the code that was sent to your number and you have to enter it.
    🔆 For this reason; Then an interface will appear asking you to enter your personal name and add your personal photo.
    🔆Then you have to click and in this way you have created an account in Gold WhatsApp
    . You can also connect with anyone you want to talk to.

    What are the steps to download Gold WhatsApp

    The steps that must be taken into account when downloading Gold WhatsApp😍 are as follows:

    🔆Keep in mind that it is the safe version that has been used download WhatsApp Gold Apk before.
    🔆 Whether downloading Gold WhatsApp latest version or the regular WhatsApp Dahabi.
    This is so as not to lose the chat. Click on the chat backup. We may find that some download users of the application download another application without doing this step. Thus, all data is lost and there are some problems.

    🔆 Therefore; You must make sure that you are using your Gold WhatsApp
    You must also click on the download file and install it on your device.
    Through the installation, it will appear to you that it bears the name download WhatsApp Gold Apk?
    Then it gives you a signal whether you want to replace the application or cancel it.
    But you just have to press the button and it will update directly by itself.

    Download Gold WhatsApp

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